I provide actionable tactics and strategies to PLG SaaS businesses + GTM strategies.

****I had my own startup for six years, and worked with Cambridge Assessment, Formative. Have advised startups and involved in leading tech accelerators.


I strive to build diverse teams and safe spaces, making sure everyone is included and all voices are heard. Over the years I helped to build many products, from products focused on a specific niche to products with thousands of users, elevating designers, product teams, and sales and marketing teams to the strategy sphere.

Three ways I can help:

Building recurring revenue.


Startup Outbound Motion Advisory

Monthly membership

My projects and what I do

I have a background in developing products and go-to marketing strategies that enable growth, revenue, and engagement. I am focused on designing and building high-quality software that people love to use.

I collaborate with teams to develop products that deliver measurable business results. I further help teams create and execute GTM strategies that are efficient and tailored to the unique needs of the business.


How I work

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